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ELONGATE - Cryptocurrency Marketing

Elongate Crypto Coin

For the philanthropic Elongate ($EG) token, we needed to generate a buzz during and after the launch of the crypto token. Referencing Elon Musk’s tweet, we coordinated for a number of influencers to post on TikTok and YouTube about the advent of the token a few short hours after Musk’s original tweet. 


The result was an absolutely explosive launch, which culminated in Elongate blasting from a starting market cap of under $50,000 USD in March 2021 to a peak of $650,000,000 in late April 2021. The hashtag #Elongate received tens of millions of views on TikTok, and other crypto and finance-based influencers organically joined in and created their own videos talking about the token. 

$650M USD - Peak Market Cap 
450,000+ Holders 
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