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Brokeasf | TikTok Trending 


For the debut teenage Jacksonville act Brokeasf, NuWave was tasked with creating a viral trend on TikTok featuring audio from his single “Comments.” The end goal was to maximize awareness of the song, and ultimately translate to an influx of traffic into the rapper’s streaming sites and social media.


Campaign Structure

The first part of the campaign involved identifying and selecting a snippet from “Comments” that would be ideal for his target audience - users on TikTok following creators that regularly post skits & comedic content using song snippets from emerging Hip Hop artists. In our creative selection process, we decided to proceed with a snippet featuring the track’s memorable hard-hitting hook and part of his subsequent verse that stood out to our team. 
From there, we handpicked a list of influencers for the campaign and pitched the sound so that they would incorporate it in their TikTok videos. In succession, we performed A/B testing using the sound with various content pieces, such as short-form and comedy skits to determine which would perform the best.  
After a few days of testing, we determined that one of the content pieces was the “trendiest” among the bunch. We based this on user metrics, engagement, and user-generated videos produced on TikTok that replicated the creator’s skit. Finally, we amplified this existing trend with a bevy of targeted mid-tier and macro influencers, whose follower range on the platform stood between 250,000 to 4,000,000.


The results of the campaign led to the track's placement on the TikTok Trending (All Genres) & Hip Hop charts with over 175,000 user created videos. “Comments” has amassed over 6.7 million streams on Spotify to date, and the track’s social media success served as the impetus for the young artist to sign a deal with Cinematic Music Group in 2020. 


Timeline: March 1st, 2020 - April 10th, 2020
Total Reach: 45 Million Users 
Views = 16,442,200
Likes/Hearts = 3,888,300 
Comments = 21,962 
Shares = 88,331

* Please note that due to new upgrades, account bans, and updated community guidelines that there were a mass of videos deleted from the original sound page.

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