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Lil Durk | (AR) Filter Amplification

Client information

To promote lil durk’s new album release, we engaged in a multi-platform influencer marketing campaign strategy. Our process included sending out a snapchat “snap code” to a number of hand-picked influencers to unlock a custom snap lens promoting the record.

Upon release, the selected influencers were then instructed to use and post a video of themselves with the snap lens on snapchat with the face lens activated and music from "Love songs 4 the streets 2" automatically playing in the background for the full length of the snap.

Love 4.webp

We followed this up by arranging for influencers to share their videos that were created on SnapChat to their Instagram stories with a swipe-up to the snap code and a mention of Lil Durk's Instagram.


Our campaign directly correlated to the success of Lil Durk’s record. In a five-day span, we were able to drive over 1 million views to the lens in 5 days. Subsequently, the album peaked at #4 on Billboard.

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