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JNYR | EP Rollout

Client information

Novel R&B act from Toronto, Canada, who debuted in 2017 with his single “Twenty Ten.” Signed to an independent record label.

Prior to beginning his artist journey as “JNYR”, the singer had attempted to release music under different aliases, none of which were as successful as his most recent attempt in breaking into the record business.

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The objective of this campaign was to gradually build up JNYR’s listener base, awareness, social media following, and subsequent fan conversion. In doing so, we wanted to create a “self-feeding” loop where his new listeners could consume his music via different channels and be re-routed back to his music.


Global: major music english-speaking markets

Primarily: US, Canada, UK, Australia.

Other major pop markets where songs could resonate: Latin America, Southeast Asia, and other parts of Europe (Germany, France, Eastern Europe, etc.).

18-35 years old - Fans of R&B or Pop music

Fans of similar popular artists: Jacquees, Usher, Yo Trane, Eric Belliger, etc.


Our campaign could only be interpreted as a massive success. Prior to working with NuWave, JNYR had never released a single on a DSP like Spotify. JNYR’s “Transition” EP, released mid-2018, debuted in the top 100 on iTunes R&B in his home country of Canada. To date, it has amassed over 5 million streams on the app.

Targeted User Generated Playlisting (Spotify)

We targeted playlists with a combined following in the millions that would resonate with JNYR’s audience. This triggered algorithmic-fueled listeners to trickle back into his catalogue. To date, over 100,000 listeners have saved JNYR’s music or added it to their own playlists on Spotify.

IG Growth

In order to supplement our strategy on Spotify, we used a variety of outlets to trigger organic growth of JNYR’s Instagram following. The singer gained tens of thousands of followers in the process.

Pre-Save Campaigns

Prior to each release, we created a presave link that would be posted in JNYR’s bio so that his new fans could access the link and “presave” the track to their Spotify catalogues.

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